Myanmar Maids

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Women from Myanmar are usually from the poorer region of the country. They have a rudimentary command of English and communication can be an issue at times . Soft-spoken and timid, they are usually hardworking, However they can be addicted to the usuage of mobile. It would be prudent to set expectations during the initial period of adjustment.

They are not used to the modern world and its trapping. So their world-view is limited and so are their expectations. Their asking salary is also lower compared to the Indonesian and Filippinos.

Cost makes a big factor when it comes to hiring maid. You can save up to hundred dollars by opting for a Myanmar maid. They cost around $450 a month which is the least as compared to Filipino and Indonesian maids. It is almost 20% less, and hence they make a budget-friendly and great option to choose when you need the household help.